My friend’s crackpot theory

He asked me to do this

hm, interesting theory, but it doesn’t explain how/why tf he got all his gear from the ryujinn dynasty, what happened to his crew, and why he changed his name to shura.

I’m just happy my bro Borgar doesn’t get ignored

If he truly was from the ryujinn dynasty, wouldn’t he be a hell of a lot stronger assuming each sea is progressively less and less calm than the bronze sea?

He could just be like the ryujin equivalent of a ravenna ensign, that has just learned how to use magic after moving to the bronze sea for whatever reason.
Or maybe he is actually pretty powerful and just held back during our first fight, or just wishes to focus more on magic, since he’s just learned how to use it. (and somehow already managed to create his very own unique spell). It could also be possible that he’s able to sense how strong the mc’s aura or whatever calvus was talking about, and thus decided to go a bit easy to gauge how well we can control it yet.

another reason why he’s more powerful than we think, is because he only has a rowboat. He doesn’t grow food on his little island, and thus he has to go to another island to get his food. He of course won’t go to redwake, since they’re not really good friends. The next closest town would be either palo or cirrus. So either he has to row all the way to palo town every few days just to get food, or he has to row to the stepstones and climb all the way up.
shura is maybe a bit OP

I mean its not like some civilian in azura is going to be 10x stronger than some tiberian.
he could be ine the middle/near the start of his journey of becoming stronger

Hold up. This guy is onto something.

Pretty sure this dialogue is a teaser for ghost ships

hat - stolen
chestplate - stolen
legs - stolen
boots - stolen
sword - stolen
magic - stolen
mask - stolen

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bro is NOT durza

Unlikely, but it’s a fun theory, and Shura is definitely a mysterious fellow. I have a feeling we may see him again at some point, probably in some big reunion.

I dont see the point in making a character entirely different from all the others just to later say “oh, he had actually stolen all that gear”
And even if for some reason he did, i dont see the point in giving him the title “wandering ronin” and a completely unique skills

foggy because shura used a lot of acid magic

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He got ganked by norse gods aka Aesir, lost memory and woke up in land of the cherry blossom. Trust me, its 3am and it all started to make sense

Hallbjorn most likely is going to be the first and basic legendary ship boss battle captain in The Dark Sea. (Pick this message as a time capsule for the future)

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I make more sense

I guess there was a reason why Redwake at the time thought he was cursed…I mean look at his eyes bro :skull:unlike the other bosses their eyes don’t glow, in the cutscene where you met him you do see his eyes flash neon green so he has to be Hallbjorn Edit: I forgot about Calvus whoopss

Almost every boss that uses magic glows eyes, and the fog in his isle is caused by his acid magic

The mistwalker, a mercenary with a blade so evil…