My (friends) guild for AO [Updated]

The Disguised Pro/Ravens

A guild that a friend of mine had plans to make, but we fell out of contact, and i haven’t seen our others friends online in a long time. So i wanna make the guild for them {I’ve updated the logo slightly, like a more shiney look}


This design looks super cool. what would the guild be named?

Thanks! And the guild name will be the Disguised pro/ravens, I’m still thinking about the raven pro part tho (and Welcome to the forum!)

Thanks lol
I’m really just trying to make a trade in the marketplace… this trust system has me confused

arent clan advertisements banned much like suggestions

Basically after being active for a bit, your trust level will increase and allow you to access more of the forum’s features. You’re currently TL1, so you have access to most of the forum’s basic features (such as posting trades in #marketplace like you initially intended to)


This is a good logo, but I feel as though the line-work here could use a little polishing. I think it would look much better if the lines weren’t as jagged

Thanks for the tip! Ok I’ve actually been reworking it

The new updated logo for the guild! What does everyone think?

they still haven’t caught me yet after all this time…

ngl imma shush myself they might catch on

Stealthiest ban evading Suncry member: