My fruitless quest for a sunken warrior helmet

“I’ll make a speed build!” I thought. “I’ve got a sunken iron helmet, size is meta and attack speed’s nerfed! Surely people will trade a warrior helmet for it!” I thought.
842 server hops later, I’ve lost hope. Nobody has sunkens, and the people who do either deny the trade or leave. What is this. I thought you were all metamancers. I’m adding more and more to the trade, but none want it. I’m confused. I’m lost. I’m desperate. Is it really the scarcity of warrior pieces? Is it their looks? Sentimentality of your own caught sunken? I ask why, hoping to understand if I should let up, but I recieve no reply

but for real is sunken warrior super valuable due to there being less of it in circulation than sunken iron, or is sunken iron outclassed or something, what’s going on

sunken stuff has gone up in value since the nerf of luck v, and sunken iron i think is still shit value for whatever reason

aha, I’ve just got to wait 3 months until the size meta sets in and sunkens get even more sparse and then they’ll accept my trade!

I’m just getting cernyx leggings fuck it

Have you tried using the marketplace on the vetcord? Probably have a better chance there and without the tedium of hopping servers all the time. At worst you’d have to repost every hour and a half til someone takes it up.

I’m not desperate enough to join the vetcord again…

I’ve started offering my entire build, with full exotic enchants and perfect energy gems, and still nobody wants it. I feel offended at this point. How’s this dumbass hat worth so much
There’s barely a difference between using the sunken warrior hat and using a cernyx set piece, in fact it may be better to use the cernyx piece since it won’t cost a fortune to upgrade, but I’m doing this out of spite at this point

typically if a trade doesnt benefit the other party like x3 value they wont accept it
the discord is probably your best bet, but you could keep hopping and potentially find a buyer

sunken iron is lower in value than sw helm, probably because sunken iron is ugly (the real reason is apparently that more sunken iron pieces exist than sw pieces)
but unironically, when i look at a sunken iron helmet i think its just ugly and want nothing to do with it

This is the conclusion I came to as well before, when I gave up on a speed build and swapped to a quicker magic and a power/agility/size build

I’m back more determined than before, but people refusing an entire build for a helmet stumped me

I’m using a cernyx piece in the helmet’s stead because the difference isn’t severe, and I’ve moved the build I had before to my alt so I can do dark sea runs and kill gankers with minimal brain activity

I realized that I got another acrimony recently
Acrimonies used to be as valuable as a sunken piece, though their value dropped through the floor with the new update giving everyone a free stat reset
However, acrimonies will return to their former value as people use up their stat resets, make new files, and more people get into the game
This means I just have to wait 9 months and then someone will finally be willing to accept a sunken helmet trade
finally, a mere 9 months, after which an equivalent defense/speed boss drop will probably be in the game and I’ll have stopped playing entirely, delightful


Just settle for cernyx gear, that’s what I do