My game got so laggy I spawned back into a world of magic quest?


well that’s unexpected


this is wild

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Legend says he’s still sad because you keep ghosting him

Now he has finally come for revenge

Huh, even after it’s death it still lives on


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does it have a marker show up anywhere?

Fuck Magius Relics

It’s time to get the real thing


That’s not a bug, he’s just in the dark sea waiting for you

I will enjoy being here

Bro what :sob::skull:

my guy time traveled

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Damn, better go find him. He’s most likely still in the wom map across the dark sea. shouldn’t take too long.

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make sure to take your meds as well while in the dark sea, and then you’ll experience the world of magic

Instructions unclear, diagnosed with schizophrenia.

His DR let him only get half erased from WoM


that’s how you know it’s important

“Honey, it’s time to go farming for excalibur again!”

  • Random WoM Grinder

one of my siblings has the same quest lol