My grocery list

So I’m looking forward to buying these but you can also request for items instead:

  • Resilient Scroll - 3k each
  • Azurite - 1k each
  • Coppershrooms - 150 each
  • Superheated Arcanium Armor
    • Chestplate - 4k
    • Leggings/Helmet - 3k

Discord is also Dreamkeeper


Really productive optical

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do you have an arcanium helmet that isn’t superheated…

I’m buying, not selling

nvm I cannot read

I do believe I have the superheated arc leggings your looking for

i’ll take them quick

Jokes on you, I have two pairs

Alright I’ll contact you when you’re online :mariomug:

I have an arcanium helmet…

does it have any modifier? (aside from Atlantean)

I’m not sure… i’ll have to check… can’t check today unfortunately…

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