My Guild just broke

This is a legitimate cry for help, on Christmas Day, I changed my ROBLOX account’s username, that has no involvement in what just happned now, but then, next time I hop on world of magic, I’m not in my guild, I get one of my guild members on to see what just happened, they’re still in my guild, and my old username, same character name, owns the guild, instead of myself, so, they reinvite me to my own guild, and I’m placed at soldier rank, me and my guild were actually doing quite well, 56 infamy, and we’re not the best at PVP, and now I can’t even manage my own guild due to a game error, so uh, any advice?

Other notes:
If there is a restoration process, please DM me on Discord at lockial#0069 for proof of my ownership of the guild.

And this is why you use userids for storing data

I’d move this to bug reports and ask for a restore.

Uh, how do I ‘move it to bug reports’

I’ll do it


You gotta change your name back apparently, that’s what the leader of the Salvatore guild did and it fixed it for him.

I ain’t spending 1k robux because of an error mate.

Aight homie, then idk how else you’ll fix your guild :skull:, just dm Vetex on Twitter or Discord, he barely checks forums nowadays. (Or a dm moderator/tester on discord).

I’m positive vetex has disabled dms on shared server because there’s a rule saying don’tping him @lockial you can dm him on the forum itself it’s allowed because this is considered an emergency

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Lol im thinking the same thing dafuq was vetex thinking?!?!?!?!!!

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Like someone already posted on another bug report (which cover the exact same issue, you really should check that before recategorizing):
It’s already in the bug section of the trello

So uh, would my guild being lost be considered an emergency?

I just told yes

Unfortunately, I doubt Vetex will make any fixes until TGR.

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You CAN ping him for important stuff, most of the time he’ll let it slide too, as long as it has a reason and is not a stupid ass question or troll, it’s okay

It’s definitely not recommended tho
It’s not because you don’t die after a car crash that they are always safe

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