My Honest Thoughts on Elius

I’ve heard a lot of people complaining about how hard Elius is (Not that he’s OP, but for his place in the game). And yeah, there is definitely a skill curve but that’s why he is meant to be difficult. As a person who has fought Elius at least 50 times now, I can say that he actually isn’t as difficult as people make him out to be. So I will give some tips

  • Get full Iron Armor if you don’t have vit, upgrade to level 60 and enchant.
  • Use Regeneration Meals or health potions.
  • Don’t stop moving.
  • And the iconic phrase, dodge, parry, block

Uhmmm actually it’s “Block Parry Dodge” :pinching_hand::nerd:

This is a bit interesting for me

Because I think it’s not that Elius is bad or is hard, but I found the jump from Iris to Elius’s boss in how it fights very different, it was where people were surprised by how quick the enemy can be and their experience from Iris that’s a bit slow, become turns really quick

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Erm ackually it’s “Parry Block Dodge” :nerd_face:

Definitely! For new players it would be a total shock to go from Shura to Iris and then basically almost a Baron of the order immediately after. Once you get more experience though, you can definitely see how much easier he actually looks compared to your first run-through.

Uhm acckkkchhhttuuallyy:

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Everything with experience will eventually get’s easier.

People complain a lot about Calvus, and to be fair, some of them are usually underleveled and a bit less equipped, but after doing it many times, it’s not that bad to do, even if you will sometimes die.

For Carina complaint outside the game banning you for no reason due to her flinging you a lot, it’s mostly just skill issue

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There’s also the option of farming Coppershrooms on the Stepstones for a bit (like 10 of em) for a Perfect Energy Regen Potion so you don’t have to charge when fighting him

if you beat eilius on release
you are awesome
you dontneed drugs

Elius kinda reminds me of the v2 boss fight from Ultrakill (in functionality, not character or the actual fight)

Up to the point where you fight them in both games, the game has been relatively straight forward. It can be difficult at times (especially in Ultrakill) but other then a few mildly difficult fights here in there, or unless you try to fight any pirate ship early on, there’s nothing really that hard to stop you.

However, once you reach both bosses you are thrown straight into something much harder then anything you’ve fought before. Your forced to actually start using more of your skill and not just the same strategy you’ve used for every other enemy. These bosses prepare you for the rest of the game, which is much harder then it was before you fought that boss.

Basically: yeah he’s a big skill jump but it’s not inherently bad, it makes you wake up a bit and also prepares you for things like level stronger NPCs and Calvus for example

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im gonna work on a juggernaut file. I will also get iron armor.

A lot of overpreparing but you can just:
Strength builds - Use your m1’s while he is on the ground, if you can get Thermo from Ravenna (further south of the map) and use m1’s with crashes. You’ll out damage his dps even without an overly tanky build (maybe have a bit of defense but he has some big gaps of vulnerability).
Magic builds - See where he is before aiming your shots, if your cursor turns red I believe you are aiming for a direct hit. I suggest only using blast for the majority of the fight, this is an even bigger suggestion if you are running a slower magic. If he is on a pillar and you want to aim a bit faster and have a magic with a bit of size then aim for the pillar’s top and not Elius (your AOE will hit them).
Weapon builds - Use weapons with decent range, claws might not have amazing range but they have good damage and are still useful in the fight.

Maintain mobility, but most of all use your T jump when dodging for the most part. Not only does this place you higher up to actually aim properly but it also lets you avoid Elius’ attacks. Be sure to use G if you see an attack incoming or are about to trade with Elius (say your blast hits him and then he throws his spear, holding G has a block buffer iirc and you might parry the spear throw).

I think that’s all, just relaying my experiences while using hybrids which are arguably less optimal at that level (I tend to go berserker for my warlock for the first 75 levels at most so I can get thermo at level 50 and focus before investing in magic for the remainder of my levels). Likewise with conjuror, I focus one stat then move onto another (more so important with conjuror so I can use Elius or Merlots weapons as soon as I get them if I farm for them).

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Elius tip - don’t get stuck in the ground.

Seriously if you don’t get stuck it’s really easy to see his attacks and block or dodge them. From there on it’s just a race against time.

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I think what makes Elius such an outlier is the fact that there isn’t really a “safe” way to fight him. His whole gimmick seems to be forcing the player to take risks.

The only good opportunities to hit him are when he’s not moving. But when he’s not moving, he’s attacking, and when he’s not attacking, he’s almost always moving. More often than not, the only way to damage him is to trade hits with him. And while I think that’s a good thing to teach the player, the fact that both his health and damage numbers overpower yours at the level you’re expected to fight him, it certainly doesn’t feel very… intuitive, I guess? Assuming that was even the lesson they intended to teach with Elius as a boss, I don’t think it feels very well-conveyed.

(or you could just learn to block. my stupid ass completely forgot that button exists. god dammit.)

Here’s my personal opinion:

It was on my 5th file that I truly beat him solo, with no help, around lvl 60 with regular iron armour. The first time I fought him with my garbage build I wanted to smash my computer. The game was decent up to that point, not difficult but required some brain cells unlike the average poopoo baby Roblox game. And then Lord Elius shows up.

Overall, Lord Elius is a fun but flawed boss fight. First the positives: the soundtrack is the best part, it’s brilliant and fitting; I love the design of him and his personality; I love his attacks being unique instead of haha big circle kaboom, and it actually requires you to dodge and look for opportunities to strike, instead of the average roblox game just spam m1 and last longer than the boss.

Onto the mixed parts, there isn’t much, but I’m frustrated on the weather. It fits the boss very well and adds a sense of intensity, but it’s just straight up annoying. It further reduces vision, and when my fire mage fought him the burning cannot be applied.

Onto the plenty of negatives, the biggest issue is him going Mach 10 and being unable to see him. His blends into the dark and it’s annoying, very annoying. His healing is a bit too op, 150 hp at a frequent rate is too much for a boss fought at around lvl 50-60. Overall, he’s a decent boss in terms of gameplay, but could’ve been better

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Cernyx: “Hold my beer”

theres no challenge whatsoever if you got dual flintlocks
he stops all the time and a full multishot is at least 300 even if your items suck and you are level 50

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Getting full armor (and accessories) is a legitimately good tip tho. I feel like a lot of players who complain about Elius, are indeed just unprepared to fight him. Like I often see newbies trying to fight him while still wearing their unenchanted level 20 leather armor they got from Frostmill.

If you just follow the main story and you don’t bother getting your armor and accessories upgraded as you go along, then yeah you’re gonna be undergeared for the fight.

Or you could just cheese him by doing what I did on 3 different playthroughs and just shoot him to death with dual flintlocks.

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Bro has the Gaia from Baki camouflage

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Elius and Calvus is basically the Dark Souls boss of this game

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