My introduction and stuff :3

I’m Jolyne (she/her). Or xflame505 ingame, I am incredibly awesome and stuff.

Uhhhhh, I don’t have a clan really but sorta like I do but not really. I mostly just play and do whatever. And ummmmm yeah!

You’ve probably seen me in vetcord chatting it up. I hold a lot of opinions but they’re mine and I won’t share them with you. >:(

Uhmmmmm yah yeah yeag that’s all



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mmm chocolate

I hate chokealot

dont make me kill you…

cho co late is bate

Welcome to the forums! :confetti_ball:
Hope you’ve enjoyed the nimbus sea update so far

thank you! Is nice!

Opticalcord1 - left 01/04

Jolyne - joined 01/04

Welcome back, rb1 :heart:

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Rb1 has enough accounts to rival the amount of forum users

this must be like the avatar cycle

welcome to the forums! enjoy your time in our little slice of hell!

get out while you still can, it’s too late for me-

too late, it’s got it’s claws in meh