My issue with MOST of the forumers

why is that you drool and foam at the mouth whenever you see a female drawn character in the siren outfit? buckaroo, its a digital character, you arent gonna pull her. what makes you think u can pull women anyways? we know you cant, so dont keep trying to convince us fr. :rage: :rage:

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sorry blud but I made a file designed for all that against the players of AO
it’s a free win in pvp and pve…

am i dumb because i have no idea what u just said

What I mean is that I made a file designed to wear a siren fit and upgraded it further and because of this AO players let me have the wins and I no longer lose.

I 3-0 by doing absolutely nothing because they can’t bare to attack.

oh are they too distracted by the beauty :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

The simple true, yes
It is quite the strategy to use

ur forgetting most the playerbase r hormonal 14-17 year olds

i dont forget i already know that but why cant they jus say like nice art :skull: :skull:

i have: maid calvus, bikini argos

next: femboy tucker


They are playing with 1 hand, making them an easy target

I got siren outfit Calvus.

Why is it that you are complaining about a pretty small minority on the forum?

Listen, most people here aren’t that down-bad. Artists are free to draw whatever they want, and for the better or worse, people are allowed to make crappy jokes when they see said art. Are some of the things they say cringe? Yes. Is it worth getting your smallclothes in a bunch? No.

Also, as Maki pointed out, most of this forum consists of 14-18 year old boys. That is literally the most hormonal group of humanity, not to mention the most impulsive and least thoughtful. You don’t need to tell them they’re cringe. They will understand that what they said was dumb in a few years by themselves.

i think its funny how you dont realize this post is a joke also, i think someone using the word “buckaroo” should make it obvious that whatever theyre saying isnt serious

… * sigh *

Would you believe me if I told you this isn’t even the first time I’ve taken the wrong thing seriously here?

Yes and no.

The not-very-serious tag exists for a reason u guys. Unless your intention is baiting people for whatever reason ig.


imagine not using buckaroo unironically

ok i didnt know that existed tbf


My bad… Sometimes the Alpha in me disappears. . .