My last question today , what will be the first thing You do when you play arcane odyssey on first time? "no stupid jokes"

what will be the first thing they do when they play arcane odyssey? “no stupid jokes”

For me gona be get everthing on the game know about everything ON THIS MOTHER OF GOD game , and help everyone who need some support

OH yeah i wanna get more than everyone inferno fire and life magic , i love be a support but i love destroy too

Join the grand navy

Second last question , gona have one?

yes, the Grand Navy will patrol and enforce the War Seas probably not the dark sea though might be replaced by a different government.

Kill Morden

I don’t trust him

bro on my vision on the darks sea just gona have fish mens

Yeah I doubt there will be any civilization living in the dark sea

yes yes

Talk to a guy named morden and probably commit several violent murders immediately afterwards.

My first thing im gonna do is kill everyone in the grand navy

And this

bro , who is morden why everyone wants to kill him?

As soon as I get max level, I won’t log going to log off until I get Equinox.

I didn’t say kill morden, I said talk to morden then commit several violent murders.

ok ok but who are morden?

The first npc you interact with.

We’ll meet him when we start playing ao

When I am powerful enough, commit enough warcrimes to the grand navy and sea life until vetex adds executions :skull:


This isn’t a joke and was introduced by cryo :sunglasses:
Press play

level til max level :roll_eyes: