My Loyal Deckhand

This is Witt, my second ever deckhand. I hired him back in March on the 4th, not too long after the game came out. He’s been on my crew since then, acting as my speed deckhand all the way until the Dark Sea update when I got my second speed one. He’s been with me for most of my post-story gameplay. And now, with the update, I can finally get him to legendary, something I thought I’d never achieve due to the reputation cost. I only managed to get him to rare, and as a PvE player, I struggled getting my reputation past 500-600k without getting killed. But now, I have finally been able to promote him. And so finally, he gets the promotion he deserves for being with me so long.
Thanks, Vetex.


bro looks drippy

count swagula fr

Ice conjurer before the affinity fix? Respect

I’ve pretty much been ice conjurer since WoM

Wait how there weren’t any stat builds in wom

Basically I just used ice magic together with my weapons a lot (at least until vetex nerfed the weapons in the halloween update with the weapon dmg stat)

wait they get a title after upgrading?

Before the update common tier deckhands had no title and only got one after you promoted them

I remember when Ice did +40% against bleeding

What style is he? Cause as fartman1314 said, he got the count swagula drip and I want it aswell for one of my deckhands

Archer style, black color theme
Always wears warrior set, and accessories swap between eyepatch, hood, cape, bandana, and bracelets

Wait hold up, what the hell did Vetex do
he looks so much worse

I think I can fix this
Cowboy wears the warrior set (or sailor’s coats)
if I give him a hood as well he should look more normal.

Sort of.

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