My Math For The Minotaur's Drop Rates

Note my math may be slightly off and doesn’t factor in getting duplicates or rng being rng
nor does it factor in various other mechanics that could add to it, this is mostly just the base value.
The actual time estimate once you factor in various other factors can range anywhere between
15 hours - 150hours

So the Minotaur has a 10% chance to spawn every 30 secs which means that statistically it can be killed once every 5 minutes. [ 6-15 if you add travel time, competition & the time that it may take to kill it ]
But for the sake of not melting my brain let’s just assume you have god mode enabled, are the only one on your server and your rng is perfectly average.
As the drop rate to get an item from the boss is 1/20 and it has 3 items that it can drop to my knowledge. So the drop rate to get any particular item is 1/60.
60x5mins is 300mins which translates to 5 hours to get every item it can drop.
Which is nice assuming the items it can drop are rare and similar to in stats to the sunken iron set.
Though with enchanting factored in the math looks like this
40x5 = 200 x 8 = 1600 + [ 20x5x3] = 1900 mins which translates into a glorious amount of 31 hours and 40 mins.

Which admittedly isn’t nearly as bad as the grind for the sunken iron set which is

20s x 8,000 = 2666mins & 40 secs which translates into 44 hours 26 mins & 40 secs [ without enchanting ]
20s x 48,000 = 16,000 + [ 20s x 6000 ] = 18,000 mins which translates into 300 hours [ with enchanting factored in ]

Overall i’m cool with the Minotaur’s drop rates considering the time factor involved
[ If enchanting didn’t make it take several times longer… if you can’t tell i hate enchanting with a passion hell i even wrote an entire rant/informative essay about it ]
I put a link in the reply section to my rant for those who would like context.


Here’s my rant for those who want more context on that last bit this might help with the math. The chance of the 1/80 event happening in 80 tries is about .634

Couple corrections:

There are three items (minotaur has no pants), and on average it’ll take 5.5 items to get a full set with no duplicates. That means on average you’re looking at about 110 dead minotaurs - about 12 hours for a full set at 7 minutes per dead minotaur.

If you’re the only guy hunting minotaurs, (and can check every spot on the map in a few minutes), sure, 6-8 minutes.

In reality, servers are going to be full of minotaur hunters, and actually it takes quite a while to check every random structure spot on the map (and it’s only getting harder as the map expands). 10-15 minutes per 'taur is more likely, giving you a more sunken-like grind of 22.5 hours.

I believe everyone who damages the minotaur gets a seperate roll for loot though, so my guess is that the best way to get boss drops is to get together with your guild, split up to monitor every random structure site, and once someone finds a minotaur, everyone runs to that location to kill it together for maximum drop rolls.

This stays the same for a 1/60 chance in 60 tries. As I just read that the minotaur goes commando

thx wasn’t sure if the set had pants, so i adjusted the math with the knowledge that the minotaur is in fact going around without pants on.

Pretty sure the chance to get the item is split between everyone who damaged it. For example, the drop rate is 1/20. If 2 people each deal 50% damage, then they each have a 1/40 chance of getting the item.

Uh, you can always find really empty servers if you load them btw. No guarantee you’ll be alone.

Your assuming that I won’t be player killing other minotaur hunters

Excuse me is this math?

this isnt rly accurate cuz youd have to factor everywhere he can spawn, and then how often. which means youd have to know how many random structure spawns there are.

yeah it really isn’t i just gave out the base value honestly, with rng heavy systems like what world of magic has alot of things have to be factored in

Wouldn’t 5.5 for no duplicates only matter if you want a single set, but because you’re enchanting, you’ll need a TON of sets, and thus the amount of items required to get a full set, including unnecessary drops would be 18+18+1*3 + (5.5-3), so 430 kills on average to get a full set of enchanted armor?

if i explained it poorly, I did, I can try and explain my reasoning better if you want.

Axes are a 1/3 enchant, and armour is a 1/8, which makes the math a bit harder.

I’m a computer scientist, not a mathematician, so 27,000,000 simulated minotaurs later I can tell you that on average it’s 36.9 items for a full set of perfect enchant minotaur gear with no duplicates, so 738 kills.

im not sure what you used to get that number, but it’s probably correct. My initial question was this - wouldn’t the amount of unnecessary duplicate minotaur items you have, be the same regardless of whether you need 1 set, or 8?
Duplicates from one set carry over into the next set, until you no longer need anymore sets.

Interestingly enough, I also tried simulating the amount of minotaur kills required to get a full set, and it came out to be 738.24 kills as well, and this was after 16,373,260 minotaur kills. I don’t know WHY this number, but it is.

Either way though, 740 kills, with an average of 5 minutes for it to respawn after a kill, AND we need to track it down while competing with other players? This might actually be worse than the sunken grind, if only because we have to actually do it manually.

You’re right when you say that for higher numbers of full sets, you get proportionately less duplicates, until very high numbers where you can ignore them. 8 isn’t quite high enough to really ignore them, but you’d probably get away with it.

This doesn’t apply for our case though, since you don’t want 8 full sets, you want a full set of 1/8 enchantments.
The best way to explain is to imagine a set with 1,000,000 different items, there’s no way you’re getting a perfect full set if you just enchant 8 full sets of that item - there’ll be tons of missing items.
It’s similar for sets of three different items, though not quite as extreme.

Also yeah, minotaur grind is going to be worse than sunken grind. It’ll be shorter, but so much more painful.


well atleast this is better than fishing where you just mindlessly fishing destroying your sanity in the process. and vetex said the point of fishing is to relax… i only got 1 sunken armor (sunken helmet) which i get at the 4k fish caught. help me
you actively fighting the minotaur, trying to get that sweet drop. surely it would be fun… right? right? :sleeper:

imagine manually fishing