My name is Rae

Hi, my name is Rae. Here’s some things to know about me before you talk to me…

  1. I’m pretty open to most things in an argument, so just give me a reason to change my mind and I most likely will.

  2. I PvP. Kinda.

  3. I’m the proud leader of Roselight.

  4. I really try to be chill as much as I can but please don’t be toxic/rude to me or anyone else on the forums.

  5. I can edit videos and I’ve made a couple forum compilations.

  6. My ROBLOX username is RoseReize, say hello if you see me!

  7. I play KAT and any game that involves a lot of farming… a lot…

  8. Me like anime. :nod:

  9. Hi.

  10. I’m your friend until you’re an ass, so don’t be.

  11. If you wanna talk with me more, just DM me on discord :)

  12. I made a tutorial on how to make a clan if anyone’s interested.
    How to start a clan!

That’s all :>

I have drank Rose Water before it was


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Why did you drink me, kinda sus

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That sound very weird out of context

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Dont (10 chars)

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