My new addiction

Bruh i recently started playing a mobile game that is called “the blockheads” that is basically free 2d minecraft with multiplayer and now i have over 200+ hours on this game can someone please help how do i get out of this rabbithole

On a mobile game…

its just really high quality for a free mobile game and plus it got multiplayer

A free mobile game thats allegedly high quality. Where’s the catch?

its a grindfest that forces you to take breaks by either waiting, grinding even more or using a paid currency

That makes more sense.

Not going to lie, it at least passes on aesthetics.
Would never be caught playing a grindfest like that though. I don’t even have 100 hours on World of Magic with all my main and alt account files combined, and I no-life this forum.

But you do you, some people like grindy games.


Oh fuuuuuuuuck I used to play that game. Absolute agony of a grind, but you can literally close the app and wait it out, at max waits were like 20-40 minutes, so it’s not too god awful. The multiplayer is dead as shit, however. I think the servers hosting the worlds were taken offline.


you mean that game with Time Crystals as a premium currency?

I’ve been there imo, played too much hunger games multi-player servers

I still remember being able to farm the living fuck out of advertisements for the time crystals.
Fun times. I had tens of thousands around the time the servers died.