My new mortal enemy

life is good. just finished a dark sea 50 chest run. (this account only has a ketch bare that in mind) decide to go sell my items (rookie mistake should’ve gone nimbus to secure not getting jumped) behold a build with 2.5K HP with cannonfists doing nothing but attempt to sink my boat. to steal the loot mayhaps ? no. he just wanted to sink it then leave. iam so tempted to witchhunt the fucker but wouldn’t risk it.

here is some questions u may have :

  1. “why didn’t u just sell the chests manually before they poofed ?”
    answer : cause vetex decided to make it so if the chests were being sold before the ship sunk that u can’t hold them anymore under the “u can’t hold this its being sold to the shipwright” notification

  2. “why didn’t u just kill the guy ?”
    answer : ontop of being tanky as hell his build was a trackstar too. couldn’t catch the mf

  3. “are u mad ?!?! coping ?!?!”
    answer : yes i am fucking livid

moral of the story : if i see this mf in any server its on sight…

L should’ve parried

@Mortal Enemy?!

Sorry, I know how shitty this is. Just more examples of a really toxic section of the community.

i will parry his family off a cliff next time for sure :nod:

anyways had a confrontation with blud (only joined once so i doubt it counts as witchhunting :shushing_face:) and he just straight up ran for his life LOL (that alone made me get over it)

horrid aim warning

how to get sweet revenge

step 1 - become famous in the community, be a youtuber or do something that is good for everyone
step 2 - be one of the most active people in one of the communities that matter (eg: balancecord and NOT vetcord)
step 3 - become a tester
step 4 - witchhunt him
mods don’t care if testers break any rules besides leaking
step 5 - profit


And yet some still think world PVP is a truly excellent idea and that it doesn’t encourage toxicity.


If I see him it’s on sight

Nah I think he did want to. But you can’t pick up chests even if the ship is sank if the player is already selling the chests to a shipwright. I know because exact same thing happened to me but all my chests got sold despite my ship being sunk.

And why are you using a ketch? Shit I’d bomb the hell out of you too for free exotic scrolls as well. I know it’s a chore but I find a brig necessary for dark sea exploration and not getting folded while I’m carrying goods.

Trying not to rant on this but…

Ao has a toxic community because it has mechanics that encourage toxicity. It can be VERY easy to purge toxicity from a community by simply putting your foot down . World PVP, Clans being mostly a pvp feature, etc.

alt slot. can’t afford a brig on all my slots without spending some seasonals which i’d rather not do

Judging by what you said, you haven’t killed him yet and Witch-hunting only counts when you’ve already killed the guy once. So go for it and chase em.

pm me when you next start up an alt slot, i will fund a brig for you
i have too many galleons on my main and not enough uses for them since empires isn’t out yet

My point exactly. We’d be better off without these, playercount be damned. Heck, it may even improve if the game had a better reputation from losing the cancer that is gankers.

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Easy to say for us, but well, a lot of these toxic pvpers are also buying the store items. Doubt Vet wants to lose a chunk of his income- even if its making his game a harsher place.

Following someone across servers is more toxic than sinking a boat imho

they’re trying to fight toxicity with more toxicity, i don’t know how to respond to it

I have understanding issues, did you put me as an example of a

or what?

NO. The title was “MORTAL enemy”

So I thought I was being funny, then I gave my actual resposne after. Your not the problem my friend.