My one and only worry about ao

Alright now this despite popular belief.

No. Im not mad we won’t be able to redo a steel ball run in this game anymore

No. Im not mad we’re losing cultures.

I am not mad please lower your forks

My one worry about ao. Is simply the quest change. Because of course we can still do quests. But those are now permanent. And I fear that we may not be able to level up enough in the future. So I ask in concern. How are we going to be able to level up besides doing quests and killing enemies? Because sure both are fun. But the quests you got to do (While being repetitive) Was the easiest way to level up. So I worry we may lose it. Unless this ends up working like final stand and dbog in where we get daily quests and one time quests.

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Aight thanks for curing my suspicions

No problem

Sorry for being off topic but
I like your Derpy pfp

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