My Personal Tier List

DISCLAIMER - This is my opinion and I have to say, I suck balls at PVP. If anything looks wrong to you… well, it’s your opinion.

this is very biased. i have used all of the things that isnt on the “uninformed” tier so yeah

edit: poison should be in c tier

where is snow image

wheeze, It’s pretty cool, Explosion is low on tier list cuz no info .


I agree on the S tier list I believe shadow should be first. I think acid is good enough to be A plasma should be lower sand should be A gold and iron are alright rest are fine

spoiler before trying: fire, lightning and iron are cool, so is explosion



Us fellow water wizards finally getting the deserved recognition

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im a water main currently

Snow: My final message, Goodbye

I dunno bro, nukes are pretty busted ngl.

snow would be in “uninformed”

ur opinion is wrong :fr:

so is yours

why do people keep putting ice in low tier
you can’t put that bleed multiplier in low tier my guy

30% isn’t that good…

but it’s a 30% boost without any specific sort of magic interaction, just get a single hit from a weapon and use an ice move and that 30% boost is there
it’s relevant in the current meta and it’s going to stay relevant until second magic comes out and people start going, idfk, acid magma and hitting more reliable damage boosts
all i’m saying is that 30% boost may only be 30%, but it’s a boost that’s VERY easily to apply considering how most weapons behave (a single bow shot or sword Q means a rather strong ice attack is coming your way)

obviously not saying ice magic is a top tier, the poor clashing really hurts for a solid magic and the effect is useless without magic interactions, but the bleed interaction is still REALLY significant in a meta where we don’t yet have second magics to cause magic interactions

Doing that is harder than just hitting 2 regular blasts which would be comparable to a 100% boost, not to mention it also removes bleed immediately after

earth does it better