My problem with choosing a build

warlock with atk speed
shadow thermo :boss: (its quite op)

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Could you cook up another. Zero synergies plus I’m not an FS type of person. Especially if I have to keep a meter up.

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Join the shadow warlocks, we are cool

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join cringe lightning and water mage gang
you would be shocked to sea it
(haha funni puns)

ok then
lightning conj has a faster playstyle, and it has small aoe and paralyze
ice conj deals quite a lot of damage but is slower and has frozen
earth conjurer deals exceedingly high damage, and its quite slow, but the aoe is very very unfair

and of course theres a few in between like plasma, acid, ash

Earth Conjurer or Earth Iron Leg?

earth warlock also happens to be extremely overpowered but with weapons it sometimes can be better, depending what you use and what you like to play
conj prob requires less aim as you can spam stuff like piercing gale and mirrored river
as with warlock, crash is essentially useless for mobility so you run agil to dash up to them then SMASH

Smash, beam and shot are my 3 main moves when playing warlock. I think I would prefer this over earth Conjurer who knows

Maybe a ash iron leg thermo savant ( maybe warlock later because it gets the same thing but no weapons)

poison conjurer should act like ash beam (not sure) which you can later on get second magic (acid? magma? both should work as acid synergy poison only if poison is already inflicted. magma has your beam). poison synergy with bleed.

same thing could go for ash conjurer with triasta (etheral flash with inflict charred making petrified) ash has your cool beam and you could get magma later for magma beam and synergy.

weapons have a lot of options when combined with magic

I just make a warrior build with a tanky armor build and still can kick ass

Full warrior

Saber/Scimitars/ Triasta + Vindicator + Ravenna Greatsword/ GW Staff

Hard enchanted stuff: Cernyx armor, legging, fauld, fair def amulet.

Power stuff: arcsphere

Its a fucking meta and i love it, i still cant beat 2 v1 but my solution to deal with 2v1 is not fight them, just ditch them like how you ditch your kids