My problem with rebirth

my biggest problem with this is that it is a cheap way to extend the game,when that time the player uses to reach the max level 5 times, in a game without this element, you would use it to discover new things,Although I have come to realize that there are ways to get it right,this would be giving the player various paths to reach the max level,as in demonfall where can you change between human, demon and the abilities you will get,In that case, the player, instead of repeating the same thing, is taking a new experience.

Yea I really dislike rebirth systems that just rinse and repeat the same gameplay over and over for minimal rewards.

This is why I don’t mind waiting months more for Arcane Odyssey, it will be worth the wait just to enjoy an on going storyline and world.

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no one with a brain likes rebirth systems

There is also the fact that it does not respect the player’s time,I forgot to mention it

Off sorry for those writing mistakes

Cookie clicker rebirth is pog, speak for yourself

cookie clicker’s rebirth system is actually good because it gives you way more shit than just “lol start over n maybe i’ll give u this funny looking coin you stupid bitch >:)”


stop playing the games then