My rival is about to beat me into paste bc of his powerup (bug?)


im scared to hunt him down to check if that’s rlly his level

Well… I dont think so! NPC levels are usually based on their bounty loosely… So he may be level 148-160! Unless youre in the nimbus sea!

seems like just a bounty board bug, i went to cernunno just to check and he was only lvl 148… server was pretty wonked out too, ships were just sitting in one spot not moving, and I just came out of the Dark Sea

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Yeah… Sometimes Arcane has some interesting bugs. I rival with a giant level once and well… I havent been to shell island ever since

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they were secretly infected with the Atlantean Plague :scream:


Martins students

that happens when people are in the ds

Bro got zenkai boost from getting farmed over and over

yea, the bounty board can have level glitches for the npcs sometimes
they still have their normal level range (20 to 160) but the board can say anything from 20 to 400, i’ve seen one hit 371 (it was actually level 160)