My roblox account got hacked into and terminated, is there any way i can get my stuff back on my new account

So i took a break from roblox for a few weeks, when i logged back on it told me my roblox account was terminated. Is there any way that my data from my old account to my new account?

not really

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You have my condolences mate.

thats a bummer

Why did it get terminated?

apparently it was cause of some adult content that i posted

Huh, weird, i’m assuming you didn’t actually post any adult content

i didnt, i took like 3 weeks off

Can you appeal it?

Well Roblox moderation is garbage, not too surprising

i tried that but they wouldnt do anything about it

Yeah my old main roblox account from like 2014 was banned and would not accept my appeal. It said that it was banned for using someone else’s credit card or whatever, and I had never gotten premium, robux, or anything with money on that account.

so my guess is that my progress cannot be moved to my new account


Curse you Roblox moderation :confused:

bummer dude, that really sucks. I had so much good stuff on there

i mean roblox moderation are sometimes indians, and that’s how i got banned on a alt for 14 days. (btw I’m also hindu so im not being racsit or anything)

roblox moderation is some of the worst moderation on the face of the planet

Nwah, ywou cwan’t
(I’m twalking lwike thwis bwecauce pwunishmwent)


roblox mods almost got me once for saying “racist” even though I was calling someone else out

imagine trying to ban the person helping and not the guy who bypassed the filter to say the n word

I was warned for someone calling autistic. They were a copy and paster. I guess I can’t be mad or have an opinion anymore. Roblox is kind of turning into China.

Reject fairness, return to communism.