My take on intensity

Hi, Its me again, I was wondering about the intensity stats, I tried for sometime to test intensity builds such as Glass with Poison mage, with over 250 Intensity and well, it does not change much, even with the new update that makes substats scale more with higher stats, It still feels wierd.
First, ultimate cooldown, why is this a thing? my ult has literally no cooldown, it still does mediocre damage becouse I had to sacrifice damage for intensity…
Aura, the only aura that is affected by Intensity is the defence Aura, this forces us to do a tanky build when going for high intensity builds.
DOTS: It does not seem to affect the DOT of bleeding, or the size of poison clouds, or the time of the Poison DOT at all, I tried learning what I was doing wrong but I figure it simply does not work?
How I think this should be done (you can disagree with me or agree, put in let me know your opinion)
First: Remove the CDR (cooldown Reduction) on the ultimate.
Add Straight scaling to Magic Leaps, idk just go higher up, not for a lot, maybe double the jump size with 400?
DOTS: Ok, we all know that dot builds are not worth rn, simply going for other effects like sandy or paralyzed/freeze is worth more, but I feel like DOT should be viable, low damage on the cast, but high dmg on the DOT, The more intensity you have, the higher the damage on the DOT, but also Less Damage in the overall skills.
When you turn on the Power Aura, this inverts, all your intensity becomes POWER for a short amount of time (20 seconds?), the higher your intensity higher the cooldown of the aura.
The DEFENCE AURA: This should ADD 1.5x the Intensity to hp + higher your blocking power, lowering your damage output for a good amount of time, if you havem ore than 300 Intensity, you get +1 drawback for each 50 extra intensity. ( 3 minutes?)
The SIZE AURA: Simply Inverts your Intensity with your SIZE, for a Reasonable amount of time (1 minute?)
Speed Aura: Inverts your Intensity with attackspeed and Agility, half for each, ( 1 intensity = 0.5 Attackspeed ; 0.5 Agility ), for a reasonable amount of time (1 minute)
Finaly, the gels, don’t make gels scale with intensity, idk if this is a bug, but it happens, or used to happen the last time I tested a fire gel

sounds cool, though i don’t think intensity should increase aura cooldown

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I mean we can easily get 400-500 intensity, the power aura would be a “Oneshot” if you use that amount of intensity, so I think it should have a higher cooldown and a lower Time to use

i like the idea, the stat conversion rates just need some tweaking

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then don’t make it scale exactly, 400 power is insane