My take on T4/5 insanity

I imagine having high insanity will result in some weird and creepy things


some more

you should start seeing black figures in the distance appear, faint screams, laughs, and maybe the occasional face to flash on your screen like this:

(I’d like to thank ambush, obviously the best roblox game antagonist ever, to volunteer as a face demonstration personally)


What is that melody

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that’s not very nice to say

bro just slapped every effect on photoshop onto some images lmao

these are some cool ideas but you would probably die before seeing any lol

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no creepypastas

what did I do to deserve this

Nothing i was just bored I’m sorry

i think you’re a bit late

No he’s right on time

time is nothing but an illusion

What’s so wrong with me getting high?