My take on the A.O riddle

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I randomly remembered this out of nowhere, and decided to actually think about it for a while. My information stems directly from either the riddle or the lore document, so if there’s any important cannon info I’m missing that isn’t in those, I.E said on twitter or discord, let me know.

Golden ichor of long past, do your best to make it last
There are remnants of god-like power/reserves, possibly sea/grand fire curses or Aurem, running out, and people are getting desperate or greedy and attempting to take what’s left for themselves.

Fire the furnace that burns still, even if you have to inherit its will
Likely referring to Hephaestus’s forge, or some long standing ritual/structure that’s been constantly maintained for a very long time, and it either needs to be used or preserved in an important part of the story.

The sword of time pierces all, brace yourself for its fall.
Long lived people or curse users are dying, possibly from some unknown person hunting them and stealing curses for themselves, or there’s some kind of impending catastrophic event.

Those who sow the wind, shall reap the whirlwind.
Unless it’s just the literal meaning of bad actions result in bad consequences, I’m lost. Maybe its that people with too much power or explore too deep into something attract or get killed by some force of nature, or maybe nobody can leave the war seas.

I’m pretty sure the answers are a lot more metaphorical than a literal godly substance and a literal furnace.

my take is that this is basically describing our current peacekeepers arsenal or him coming to the war seas(perhaps this ties into what vetex said about the storyline not being good or bad)

peacekeeper has fire magic.

Do they?

maybe? then we inherit peacekeeper’s goal of destroying all curses.

crazy how vetex himself stated that ao was based on zelda breathe of the wild or just the zelda games in general. heres what i found

Theo(bird guy) aws depicted as someone with a pure heart unlocking all his minds but only remaining with fire eventually forming pheonix magic. The pheonix is often depicted as a god always rising from the ashes. Upon theos death the peacekeeper got stronger and defeated the remaining gods along with dark guy or whatever his name was(chosen hero).

this is a biblical(correct me if im wrong) proverb generally depicting you reap what you sow.
(our player isnt much of a hero nor a villian and we know curse vaults exist in the war seas pk is coming for those curses).

Again refrencing the peacekeeper and theos along with perhaps iris?

maybe the gods or just the old gods are back or reincarnated into the war seas and are hellbent on revenge.

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The peacekeeper can hypothetically have any magic due to having the absorption curse

true true.

To all the people mentioning the peacekeeper, Vetex has said they aren’t going to be in A.O, and they haven’t even begun hunting Sea curses yet, nor have they found the absorption curse, so nothing in the riddle should have any correlation to them.

well ****

Another AO riddle post I can’t take it anymore

Someone solve it already :face_exhaling:

Tech mentioned that when trying to solve the riddles we should look towards a story we already know rather than one we don’t, which hints at the riddles leaning more towards AA than AO

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Why would the riddle be for A.A though? The full story is already on the lore document, the original twitter post by Vetex said it was an A.O riddle, plus there’s literally no reason for the peacekeeper to be involved in it because they aren’t going to be in A.O.

How are we supposed to solve a riddle about a story we know nothing about?

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It’d make a lot of sense, yknow’…

what if this is just a really cryptic way of someone describing how they did your mom lmao

Yeah it’s an AO riddle, I’m just saying that it’s probably not wrong to draw on the information we know from AA to help us out

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