My trafalgar law build in deepwoken

If you couldn’t tell already this build will focus on the room(sacred field) bell with the moves being as follows:

Injection shot-exhaustion shot or some intelligence mantra
Shambles-Spark swap
gamma knife-lightning blade
counter shock-Jolt grab(peferably magnet spark on it)
Bell-sacred field
oath-oathless because will of d and freedom blah blah

if you guys have any suggestions for itelligence/charisma/agility talents i should pick up please tell me in the replies.

nobody has ever thought of this and i dont see any videos on youtube on it so im going to do it first. also debating on if i wether i should go heavy or medium weapons since koko its kinda like both in one.

Did you get lean field tho?


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Yo this is a sick build you should gather some pvp clips and post on yt

no i got wiped :frpensive:

A tragedy :frpensive: