My WIP build

Does this seem fair

Also considering below for exploration/mobility

tbh if you’re not gonna be fighting with your exploration build you could consider painites

why would I want defense on a build who’s entire point is high mobility?

I was under the assumption you would use this set for high range darkseas

if I get smited, I get smited

but why, u could get a lot better value if u invested in 1-2 secondary stat rather than to put most of ur stuff in power, a bit in 3 stats, and accidentally having more than 200 defense, ur a glass cannon that not even that good compared with other glass cannons

first build has power rivalling my glass cannon build with even more agility as well having both attack speed AND size somehow

i hate jewelcrafting. i HATE jewelcrafting. I FUCKING HATE JEWELCRAFTIIIIING
should’ve just left it with the reagent effect, i stg

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