My WoM Downfall (sad)

It was about a year or so, bosses where released not long ago and i was with the reputation of a saint! i was wandering around the map when the agora said the evil boss was attacking the AG tower so i rushed to the scene. i began helping the npc’s kill the boss and when i died i respwaned in jail! why!?
well as i found out, fighting in the tower ment i lost all of my rep because of proprety damage!
and then i saw AO a year later, the end.

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Yeah the reputation system was really annoying especially cause of property damage, it’s one of the main reasons I liked negative rep

(Also WoM bosses released over 2 and a half years ago)

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welp my math was way off

You could play wom2, maybe even try to become a saint again (it’s veeery slow to level as a hero past lv 200, after that you go villain to slaughter captains)