My writing thread


I would like to get some of my ideas onto words. I’ve been thinking of a story for quite a while now, and while I have enjoyed toying around with it in my head, it’s definitely overdue for some actual coherency.


It’s the year Y3258. Not much is known about the past, however the grand testament to its existence is the ever-vast void of chaos lurking below the clouds. Ever since then, humanity was forced to live above the sky.

eh thats enough prose, lets get this over with


  • people live in the sky
  • this is because there is a void below
  • caused by the fight between the PK and Durza

  • there is a bigass kingdom named the Skylian Empire
  • very technologically advanced, their capitol is a mix between cyberpunk steampunk and gothic.
  • electricity is generated by Azalea, the queen of Skylia, whom holds the light curse

  • Skylia has recently created mechanical superweapons comparable to curse users called Angels
  • they are named that because the powder used to imbue the Angels with soul comes from the burned ashes of Angel, still living due to being fused with her life and revival magic after the Durza battle

  • one of the angels is a bigass cannon called buster launcher, strapped upon Skylia’s city sized capital ship Dreadnaught
  • the others are more humanoid (although one is a gun)
  • Skylia really likes control and order
  • PSI users

  • The forces that oppose Skylia are the Pirate Confederation
  • more a loose collection of smaller islands that justs want to be free of Skylia’s influence, but Skylia calls them pirates anyways
  • King David Silver, the Exiled, and the Minotaur make a reappearance under the pirate’s banner
  • strive for freedom and endorses impulsiveness
  • SOUL users

different power system?

but same chars??