Need a bit of help deciding which magic I should pick

Current files:

Glass - going acid and poison
Magma - idk, probably explosion, ash, plasma, or fire combos
Gold - going ice and wind for frozen combo
Lightning - definitely going Water for second, not sure for 3rd

I need help deciding the last 2 file magics. I want to differentiate the magic combos (2nd and 3rd) as much as possible. For example, I don’t wanna choose fire or plasma because I already have Magma, which will probably have plasma or fire as a 2nd or 3rd magic.

I’m thinking for one of them I should go Light or Shadow, because those don’t have any synergies but have good base stats, so they’ll work well with any magic really.

And then maybe Earth or Wood for a bleed synergy playstyle?

p a p e r idk why but u not using it so why not

Yeah but I already have Glass, which I use for bleed

ok so crystal ,because yes again

maybe you should try out a magic that is currently seen as unfit for pvp

So Ink, Sand, Crystal, or Earth

Obviously nuke magic.
Everybody needs nuke magic.

Shadow is like never used at all, I guess it could be cool to try it.
You will be called edgy however.


Just about to make a question on this about what second and third magics players are going for. As a Lightning user, I suggest you go Lightning>Water>Ice

Why? Because if you make someone bleed and soak them with water, it does +20% extra dmg–and it does NOT remove the bleeding status effect! Then, use ice and that will do +40% extra dmg AND frozen status effect them because they were just soaked! FINALLY, USE A LIGHTNING BLAST MOVE AND IT WILL DO +50 EXTRA DMG!


Magma is bout to be unfit for pvp