Need FEMALE Hair Comboes

I’m progressing an earth conjurer, and I would like her to not have ugly hair
what hairs should i use

Honestly I wish vetex did sum similar to deepwoken so you could put in hair codes instead of waiting for more to be added

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that kinda doesn’t it narrow it down at all, you gotta specify a style like long, short, pony tail, etc

style is honestly irrelevant here

I don’t have any advice for hair, but if you could once you get awakening if you haven’t already could you show me what the earth imbue looks like?

Ok ( 3 characters)

Screenshot 2024-06-12 023337
not a combo but this hair style is the best female hair style in the game

I use 25 + 35 on one file and 88 + 90 on another, they look cool I think (although 88 + 90 covers the face almost completely, only really works because the OC is supposed to be blind)