Need help creating the lore for a game idea I had

so the game name is called: “hecto’s quest for instant-ramen”

the basic goal of the game: play as hecto, a young man who wants to get ramen, easy.

but theres more.

the game plays a lot like HOURS, without the time mechanic, so its just pure gladiator style brawling and battling, its also like the new kirby game, a lot of exploration involved.

theres a few bosses I planned that may help link together the lore for the game for creative writers, so if you wanna know the bosses DM me and we can talk.

yeah anyways the game sounds kinda lame but I just need more story development and hopefully it will be cooler like AO

lol cheese

this person writing a 3-page lore book :fearful:


not that that is a bad thing

man of a million topics

Simple man who wants to get ramen but all the ramen was stolen, all of it, by an evil organization looking to monopolize it. Their leader, Sir Noodles, is a tall and lanky man with noodle like limbs. He’s been bullied all his life because of it and now seeks to take all the various kinds of noodles in the world. If he uses them in his secret device he’ll make the world forget about noodles entirely, leaving him unable to be called such names again.

The PC doesn’t care though, he just wants his ramen.

Sir Noodles hired the UN (united nations) to help him with his dastardly plans, using his massive amount of wealth to get them on his side. To get the world’s noodles he convinced the UN to make all forms of noodles illegal. They kept shops open to catch and unsuspecting perps trying to buy some ramen. The PC stumbles into their favorite noodle shop and are attacked by ninjas, the UN’s favorite form of law enforcement. Of course the PC wants his noodles so they do not falter nor quit and fend off the ninjas who retreat. Hecto is no one special in this, not some long lost descendant of a noodle-inspired warrior or a man who is some kind of Noodle King. This fact must be reminded after each of Hecto’s victories.

After defeating the Ninjas he’s joined by a busty cat girl named Kat (hate myself). She joins him on his adventure to get noodles but before they can get out of the building it is blown up, those ninjas didn’t ever try to lose. However Hecto parried the explosion, surviving for now. He tries to go to another shop to get more noodles but is convinced by Kat not to try it, there could be more ninjas; or even worse. Instead they follow the ninjas on Hecto’s motorcycle and see them running, Naruto-style, into Area 51. Hecto hatches a plan to sneak in, by starting a raid as a riot in September 2019 (god it was that long ago :frcryin:). He succeeded at distracting the guards and simply snuck behind them while they weren’t looking to get into Area 51. It was here where the Ninjas announced their failure to…the Pope.

The Pope ordered Metalica, his personal assassins, to dispatch of the ninjas for their failure. Their lives meant nothing to Hecto though, he did not feel anything as he watched them brutally be killed by a Rock band. All he wanted was ramen. The Pope would be the first boss in this with the ninjas being more like a tutorial stage. Hecto figured the Pope must know where the Ramen must be and confronted him about it, though the Pope refused to answer and simply ordered Metalica to deal with him just as well. However with the power of simplicity in his veins he overpowered Metalica and forced a confession out of the Pope, revealing he knew all along. Before the Pope can say anything his brain fucking explodes and Hecto is distraught, now he doesn’t have any leads. Kat tries to comfort him in this moment but she is not ramen, she could not help him. He searches the Pope’s belongings and finds a note telling him to go to the Burj Khalifa on the 22nd day of the 2nd month in the 2022th year. Seeing how that was a good time away the two leads decided to train their bodies and minds to prepare for the upcoming battle.

Hecto went on SkillShare™ to learn as much as he could while Kat trained to become an expert with a boomerang. It is during this time that Hecto discovers that his training courses are being hacked by Anonymous, another puppet from the noodley tendrils of Sir Noodle. Hecto ultimately defeats Anonymous though through the vast amount of knowledge he acquired from his time using SkillShare™. Kat on the other hand ran into the Octopuses, the actual animal species, who were sent to her to hinder her training. This also failed, apparently Sir Noodles has seen too much hentai and thought octopuses would be the perfect counter for a busty cat girl named Kat.

With their training arcs over they head to the Burj Khalifa, making their way to the highest point. This was not mentioned in the note, just a guess. Nor did they know the time they needed to arrive. Kat told him when though, which made him suspicious of her. At the top of the tower was a party hosted by Sir Noodles. Powerful figures all from around the world were there, including the likes of Barny and Peter Griffin. Instantly the duo was noticed for not being the Pope and a massive braw ensues. While fighting Hecto is betrayed by Kat, who reveals herself to be Sir Noodle’s kitten (I hate myself for writing that line so fucking much).

Hecto is knocked out and held above the tower now by the likes of Dracula. Sir Noodles reveals his mastermind plan to Hecto, revealing about his insecurities and feelings. Hecto could not believe it though, a world without ramen is not a world worth living in. Becoming evermore desperate he uses the Power of SkillShare™ to break free from Dracula’s grasp but begins to descend down the building out of control. With Hecto out of the picture Sir Noodles activates his machine and makes everyone forget about noodles, finally freeing him from his life of suffering.

Hecto, though, will not easily forget. He struggles to hold on but hold on he does, until he’s confronted with the mental image of the flying spaghetti monster. He addresses it as God but God tells Hecto to call him Ramen. They have a heart to heart before Hector psudo-erotically eats the flying spaghetti monster to harness it’s ultimate power. Hector has become The Noodle Guy. Before he was descending the tower but now he was ascending the plane of existence. Hecto soar above the sky, reminding the world of the noodles and the joys they bring.

Sir Noodles and his posse of sinnister noodle haters do battle with Hector but thanks to his god-like strength only Sir Noodles and Kat are worthy opponents for him, the rest are fodder. They do battle for about an hour before the Nyan cat intervenes and puts a stop to it. Sir Noodles tries to go against it’s wishes but instantly he is killed, along with Kat because Nyan is the only Kat. Yes, the Nyan Cat is Kat from the future who went back in time. Kat confesses her love for Hecto but he declines it, only wanting noodles, and gives up his power so that he could taste the noodle, not just be it. There now, in the state of Idaho, he consumes the bowl of ramen in peace.

could have made it longer but tired and didn’t want to drag it on, did think it was more wacky and random at the beginning than towards the end but /shrug


He really did it.

but at what cost :frpensive:


oh my god this is amazing.

If I listed boss names would you rewrite the lore?

but make sure to pull from this i didn’t expect to get something so amazing

idk tired, you can alter/use it however you want though :hungry:

fair, still great tho lol

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