Need help with something

I’ve been wanting to get rid of my wind conjurer for a while and replace it since it’s pretty bad unless it has 80+ power (the build I want has 75)

But it’s already got stuff like superb brewing and great cooking which aren’t easy to get. What do I do?

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go with what’s cool instead of what’s good


A stat reset doesn’t erase your experience in brewing and stuff does it? Just do that

Man you’ve made a dozen posts about this exact thing already

Just commit to it or suck it up and play better

if you still want wind, warlock or mage is my suggestion

if not then uh, just make a new file and wait til Vetex add a way to change magic ig ( it wont be a thing til 2030 )

Search for a stat reset party, in the meantime you can have fun experimenting some other builds in an alt account.

Also commit to your build to the fullest, I literally changed from like 10 mage builds before one after another and every one of them had 10-20 hours.

I chose Earth just because (though I am a wind and fire mage main on AR/WOM) but got used to my build in the end, I had urges to change it to a water mage or a shadow mage.

my issue is that most of my builds don’t work the way expected on wind conjurer

I’ll try using magmurr’s build in the meantime since it has attack size

i mean i think youd have very strong urges to switch your build if its the worst in the game rn and not getting buffed no matter what

i’ve used too many things. just use whats fun because not using meta is meta for the mind (coming from a currently basic combat basic combat basic combat berzerker who has used poison acid iron leg savant and water gun conj and ash explosion paladin and boxing canon fist juggernaut and warrior and light iron leg warlock and ice wind magic and i could keep going)

basically, if you find wind fun use it. if you don’t want to use magic use stat reset. if you want other magic then reset or wait

i mean i wanna use another magic for my conjurer but if i do so i lose all my brewing skill jewelcrafting skill, and every single thing in my inventory

do you find wind fun? and what magic to change?

make ur own build based off ur own playstyle

not really fun considering i get no knockback and it looks boring

still tryna find my playstyle lol

how do you need Attack Size with wind

Wind scales better with size for some reason

intensity only increase knockback while size increase both its hitbox and knockback, so unless you want to minmax knockback for the lols size woukd be better most of the tjme

size affects knockback more than intensity does anyways

if you think you’re useless, just remember intensity exist

seriously tho it need a rework, the one proposed a while ago was pretty good, dunno why it got scrapped