Need help

im a level 90 sevant but i decided i wanted to be a conjurer but i have 60 levels in strength so idk what to do

How many stat points do you have in the other stats?

You currently have too many points in strength to turn you build into a conjurer, so You’ll need to wait for stat resets to come out in the upcoming update

26 vitality 42 magic 64 strength 52 weapons

i just recently learned about like conjurer and mage and stuff like that but by the time i chose 1 i was over lvl 80 so i could not use the reset thing

Yea you gonna have to wait for the update to be a conjurer then

… im level 90 and i want to play the game but i don’t want to reach lvl 120 before i can get to be a conjurer

Why? You can reset your stats anyways

i thought once you reach lvl 120 your stuck as what you are

Wdym what do I mean you will be able to use the stat reset at any level, also everyone will be given another stat reset for their files at every level in the update

In the first update (coming within the next few weeks) everyone’s getting another free stat reset that can be used at any level. Potions are also being added in this update, including a stat reset potion that you can craft.

ohhhh thank you

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