Need OC design advice

Came up with a Warrior Oc named Tanner however I don’t know how to redesign him properly or what drip to give him.
Any thoughts?

this is ted bundys lookalike in AO

I don’t got a lot of info to go off of but when it comes to warriors, usually what comes to mind is battle-torn hero’s, so obv scars, but also try to create depth with his armor, as warrior generally follows a close quarters style, heavy armor is a good choice, lmk some other info so I can help some more

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Personality wise he’s the co captain of a crew and he’s a nice fellow. He uses a katana to fight with so far. I’m kinda working on his progression throughout the story like him getting stronger and stuff.
But he’s not like a big battle torn hero like you mentioned he’s still learning how to wield his weapons properly so that’s why I don’t wanna just slap on scars, and armour. Maybe lightweight armour tho but yea.

Thanks for the info though!

Alright well if he’s kinda new to being an adventurer, overpacking is a good choice, make him seem almost to cautious in the way he dresses, many bags, or a bit to much protection to the point where it hinders his own ability to fight, making someone have less confident body language, and look awkward in his own boots can really sell the idea that they don’t know exactly what they are doing

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That’s such good advice! Thanks a lot man!

Watch one piece and you will be enlightened by drip dear student :fire:

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Good advice! However I’m already caught up with the show! Haha :).

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One piece character design is superior to almost every other form of media, it’s so good for no reason lol

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Forgot to post this awhile ago but I redesigned Tanner!
Really proud of the new design, he also has the same design but with a backpack too! Though I forgot to save a picture of that one.
Thanks for all the advice y’all!

Theres a little known wonderful item for every warrior ingame known as an interchange potion. It lets you not be a vindicator spammer maggot and you get to play a different weapon class that is likely 10x more fun and meta (if you care about that)
Not a single warrior I know hasn’t at least thought of stat resetting because warrior is cringe!!

shut up, im not even warrior but shut up

Use my design format
I’ll link it later I just woke up

when in doubt, make him a: femboy, maid or give him a bikini drip

i guess im the rare person that changed from conj bc i had more fun with weapons than magic

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Be bald. :bald: :raised_hand:

Same here brother