Need some people to play deepwoken with ๐Ÿ‘€

This is my flamecharm medium that Brady gave me and I thing I did change it a little I forgot.

so you can change it if u want idrk about builds

maybe iโ€™ll use this build but with light wep since i have the most fun using fist and rapier

Thatโ€™s my main problem rn :skull:

Itโ€™s kinda embarrassing but Iโ€™m still not used to the parry changes so I just get inf comboed when I donโ€™t have enough tempo or forget to press g


jokes aside i donโ€™t have a problem with the parry changes because i only started playing again after these supposed parry changes (what even are they)

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if I play how can I get the darkness power :smiley:

get 5 umbral obsidian and bring it to the insane guy in depths

whatโ€™z dat

โ€œfuck around and find outโ€ as they say

โ€œor go on youtubeโ€ :smiling_imp:

ah yes, the little piece of shit method

I have made up my mind.
On one file, I will be a reserved jetstriker that just wants to get EXP.
On the other, I will be a chaotic perma freshie that kills everything in its path no matter what.
This should help me get better at pvpโ€ฆ right?

chime in question:

Would suggest less strength and 40 fort tbh, since exo is just good

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Voidwalker. This is literally what you are looking for.

I will just let you know that this is probably the most hardest, least rewarding way of playing the game. You will get 5v1, all high levels gank voidwalker freshies, and everyone is toxic as fuck towards you.

If you get to max power as a voidwalker, youโ€™re basically better than at least 80% of players already.

Chime is trash for practice.

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Iโ€™d be open to play with you (though I hardly have any experience myself) due to my fundamental disagreement with it but Iโ€™ve actually enjoyed it when I played with friends!

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Yeah as someone whoโ€™s still ass at pvp itโ€™s just watching your character get inf comboed over and over :skull:

In case you ever change your mind hereโ€™s the link to the server

:wink: :wink:


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