Need suggestions for elemental symbols

i already made one a while ago but last night i got bored and decided to do it again

most of them fell okay enough but some are still pretty off, like sand

you can switch the symbol around or slightly alter it, but for lore reason making an entire new one isnt allowed

heres the list of the element for your convenient

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in case you havent noticed, the symbols are based on the english alphabet, they were also made first and then assigned an element later

my reason for each of them are:
A - Ash: looks like a pile of ash with, well, ash coming out of it, originally supposed to be magma
B - Metal: idk feels like it, probbably because of the sharp edges?
C - Wind: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
D - Chaos: not an element, just filled it in for fun
E - Steam: looks similar to my old steam symbol
F - Fire: feels like it
G - Water: looks like rain and cloud
H - Plant: looks like a tree thats receiving sunlight
I - Order: also not an element, just filled the space
J - Explosion: orginnally supposed to be light, looks more like an exploding bomb to me
K - Glass: mirror/glass reflecting light
L - Smoke: no idea
M - Magma: looks like an erupting volcano to me
N - Crystal: no idea
O - Sand: no idea
P - Poison: looks like some vials/pipes? with poison gas behind it ig
Q - Earth: earth
R - Mist: no idea
S - Lightning: do i really need to tell you
T - Snow: no idea
U - Mud: feels like it
V - Plasma: no idea
W - Ice: no idea
X - Shadow: imagine the straight line as an eye and the diagonal is obscuring it
Y - Acid: a drop of acid corroding something
Z - Light: also imagine the straight line as an eye and the smaller lines as light coming to it

I drew plasma, made it look like a glowing planet

okay i think i know what it is now
its the impenetrable shield and the all-piercing spear

god im a genuise