Needs help with magic and stuff ( not AO related )

fill in the blank, basically
or suggest color change for existed magics, im not that good when it come to color
or just change existed magics i guess
not needed to be an element


quick explaination of the “stranger” magics so that you guys could help improve them cause im seriously suck at it:

  1. Spark: orange electricity ( btw my Lightning doesnt create actual lightning normally, just electricity ) that is hotter ( may remove to only more explosive, or even decrease and more explosive

  2. Flash: very bright light, it as simple as that

  3. Breaker: turn all spells the user touch back to magical energy and non-organic solid object to dust

  4. Reflector: Meliodas’s full counter, basically ( minus the double power thing )

  5. Abyss: dark color water that have extreme pressure, enough to crush metal

  6. Flare: hot and uncontrolable crimson fire that can turn someone to ash in mere second, included it’s user

  7. Solar: idk fire on steroid i guess, probably capable of shooting solar beam and stuffs like that

  8. Darkfire: dark red fire that can burn soul

  9. Life: capable of create organic life form and near-unlimited regeneration and even create a human body, cant create soul tho

  10. Death: Shigaraki’s Decay + summon death people’s soul and corpses to become their undead servant/soldier/whatever the f they want

  11. Twilight: explosive, bright and fast blue energy ( light ) and gas that can cause hallucination and stuffs ( shadow ) i guess


Shadow should be black, Acid has different colors, (fix it) Light should be white-ish, Plasma should be lighter and twilight should be darker.

Light + Wind = Lasso
Light + Lightning = Energy
Light + Earth = Tremor
Light + Water = Mirror

Lasso -
Able to grab things with a Golden-like air lasso

Energy -
Able to use powerful energy attacks

Tremor -
Basically like the One Piece Power

Mirror -
Able to deflect and/or copy things such as attacks, items, or people

sorry if this is inconvenience but can you explain Lasso Magic further ? i dont quite understand “air lasso” much, orginally i want it to be illusion since plot ( which later doesnt matter cause mind exist later on, which doesnt even matter cause plot ) but idk if different amount of pressure in air is capable of bend light or not

did think energy but didnt really know what exactly would be “energy”, like, basically fire lightning and some other can be count as energy, does that mean this would be able to do all of that ? i orginally just gonna go with green explosive healing light cause ninjago lol

why exactly does light + earth = tremor ? i dont really understand this

mirror sounds good enough

Light + fire = solar?

Lightning + Light = Flash
Earth + Light = Crystal

Also I think you’re missing a solar in the other fire + light combo

fire/light void has to be filled with solar (lower one)

light and wind should do vector/force

light and lightning should do energy

light and earth should do crystal

light and water should do reflection

fire + light = sun
light + wind = mirage
light + earth = crystal
light + lightning = flash
light + water = moonlight (all i could come up with)

light + lightning = flash
light + earth = idk
light + water = idk
light + fire = blaze

Light + Fire = Aether
Light + Earth = Crystal
Light + Water = Mirror

i want this more then anything