Nerf Atlantean Ships

Nerf Atlantean Ships
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I hate to be the one to scream “NERF THIS, NERF THAT”, but I really feel like this sucks and needs change. It has to do with the Atlantean ship captains being too powerful, being as strong as atlanteans found on islands. The difference is that while you’re most likely to have plenty of land to fight an island atlantean, you wont have enough space to fight that same power level atlantean on a ship, whether it be a ketch or even a brig. And because you don’t have that space to fight comfortably, you’re gonna end up eating a ton of hits from magic or even melee hits from atlanteans, causing you to either burn through a ton of health potions or just straight up die.

I would suggest either bringing back reinforced tier ships as atlantean ships and pushing back fortified and heavy tier ships to further ranges, or nerf the crews’ levels so that they don’t hit as hard.

I’ve lost a ton of runs to those guys because I end up taking a ton of hits through splash damage. So please, if something has to be nerfed in the dark seas, at least let it be this one.

I feel like it is a tradeoff. Island ones are stronger but you have more space to fight them.
Ship ones have less space to fight and are accompanied by other enemies but you also get guaranteed sealed chests and generally a free ship heal.

When I saw the title, I thought you were insane. After reading the whole thing, the suggestion is well put together and overall good. The only reason I don’t agree is the fact that the dark sea is meant to be hard and the atlanteans aren’t too insane when it comes down to it. though I wouldn’t be apposed to a change (namely the braindead m1 spam that most do), I don’t think it’s necessary, coming from someone that does a lot of solo.

Yeah, adding the fact that you cant really airstall and shoot down because a Brig Rigging may block your attack here and there and do nothing just makes Atlantean ship an instant no to attack, though they are a nice ship heal

yea the problem isn’t the ship it self but the crew
to be real i wouldn’t mind if the ships just sunk with a map pointing to a island
and no crew fight

i think the atlantean ship captains would be ok if you had actual goddamn room to fight on, they basically hit the whole ship so you have nowhere to go.

even if you were the correct level there’s no actual gameplay you do against them, it would just evolve into stat game

dude the island ones feel goddamn easy in comparison.

i did NOT feel that they were stronger in any regard

Stat wise the island ones are stronger but you do have the room to dodge them

you can actually skill fight them, that’s all.

the ship ones could my level, but with the size of the attack being the entire ship the fight would be decided via who just had better stats.

With the ship ones, luck is more of a deciding factor, they could be easy and die quickly due to being only level 100, or they can trap you in a corner with m1s and you can’t escape.

You explain well the issue, the issue is a mix of bad fighting area and the captain being as strong as island Atlanteans, honestly, making island Atlanteans quality and ship Atlanteans quantity sounds like a pretty sound idea, and could be explained in-world, like the least mutated and insane (yet still aggresive to non Atlanteans) tend to make packs in order to thrive in the Dark Sea, while the more mutated and insane tend to be lone wolfes because they tend to be aggresive to most things

The ones on land are not as hard but the ships are annoying barely any space

they’re not even that powerful, just stupidly, they spam m1 stun you or aimbot you

I don’t know, I actually like the fact that these monsters are just better than you (except IQ) in every way possible, like it’s just a way of saying “The Dark Seas isn’t for you, this is my territory”

I don’t find this nerf necessary as Ship Atlanteans can easily be felled by crippling their ships and sailing away from them (low hp ships reduce their speed by alot, you can even escape a level 500+ from this because they obviously won’t attack you with spells when shipped)

Also the fact that speed brigs can just outrun them lol, OR you can cheese them by finding a suitable land Island and chip away at their health with dodge reflexes (because they wont stop chasing you…)

but thats just me bro.

It feels like Atlanteans on ships are just stat checkers

also bring back atlantean caravels instead of it immediately going to ketch then brig

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