Nerf Lightning Please

Pls dont flame me this is just a joke pls pls…

Man… Zeus really did have the balls to strike you down

It raining during the day and the sun is out, so shouldn’t there be rainbows?

I am actually pretty sure that all gods, like Zeus were killed by a evil wizard dude in the lore.

god why my lightning dont do it with players

Wish zeus would strike me down :pensive:


Just get out your trusty ol sword or Spear and say “Is this what you want? Come on strike me down Zeus. You don’t have the balls” then proceed to get struck by lightning

ive gotten the pain of the lightning just 2 m away and god saying haha fuck you

Lightning struck the rock I was standing on except for me :frcryin:

Zeus still has no balls

i almost drowned

bruh lightning bolts dont do more in the ocean it should one shot you

well i took that shot when i had healed. when it struck me i was left with like 100 health