Neviro showing Winterveil artifacts to Revlon

story illustration part idek.

I like to think that Neviro carries a bunch of local crafts from the times of Winterveil. After discovering the truth, he'd probably show these to Revlon to give him some kind of impression on his culture, even thpugh there's only so much he can show


Ooo, shiny!


Revon after realizing that those are not jellybeans…

GOSH DANG IT! I like this meme so much…that I literally drew it-

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Didn’t like the sky so I made it better :yum:


I have to mention that seeing your art improve & evolve from when I first saw it , is super satisfying :] Keep up good work!

Thank you very much for saying this! Being a part of the discord art hub as well as these forums have definitely taken a toll on my art for the better.

Seeing all these creative, artistic people with immense skills and great aspirations (including you) got me motivated to try out new things, improve, expand and perfect my style.

I’m undeniably grateful to all the artists in the community for inspiring me to better my skills and get my art to where it is today. :pray::orange_heart:


aaaa more neviro and revon art. amazing. i love this so much!!

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N O M (complete sentence)

@OneAndOnlyFrancesca The artifact in question Art Design GIF by Mathew Lucas

What now

i just realized that revlon is a name of a lipstick brand :skull:

:blush: yay, glad to hear!