Neviro's premiere, but if he was a good character

After defeating Iris, she leaves for the Stepstones. You don’t know where she went, and you don’t care to look. You are, however, interested in learning about Ravenna. You return to Hallfrid (because he isn’t loyal to Ravenna) to see if he knows more, and he tells you about the backstory behind Askursius Keep. You sail there, but as you’re arriving, a man in a boat yells ‘STOP!’, and sails in front of you. You stop, and, you guessed it, it’s Neviro. He explains the curse that haunts the island, you ask him why he’s here, he explains how he (was) the prince of Winterveil, blah blah, he joins your party, I need to go, someone else finish this, but

Neviro would actually get me to give a crap about him this way

bro he snitches on us tho

it would be cool if there was another boat IN THE STORY tho and we meet them

my personal opinion is that neviro should have been replaced by revon in all parts of the story, and should have helped you track down the mysterious people (revon is unaware of the order) and break you out of prison (believing you are framed)

this would have made the final confrontation after you kill calvus much more personal and memorable


but then who would we have to make fun of

fraud “I don’t want to kill” den

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I honestly had forgotten about Neviro’s existance until Ravenna

my boy Hallfrid didn’t do shit fym?

they already know

Eh, I don’t think Neviro would go around spouting his backstory to any sod that comes by like that. I’d imagine after defeating Lord Elius and talking to Iris, the player is about to leave Cirrus Island before Neviro stops them. Neviro asks the player for a favor, and meets with him at Arkursius Keep. He’s on the ship with that NPC that is usually hanging around, and he asks the player to find an artifact within the ruins. The player can ask why Neviro is so interested in this place, and why he doesn’t just go in himself, but Neviro just says he tried before and almost dies.

After getting the artifact (maybe the journal), Neviro thanks the player and says that he owes us a favor.

When we are broken out, it’s revealed that Neviro is the Prince of Winterveil. He tells us that the artifact is from his own family, and that he cannot approach Arkursius Keep because the place is too personal for him, and the insanity would drive him even madder than a random person coming by.

ngl neviro has beard hair

i’m talking about the redwake scout not the ravenna privateer (did i fuck up the name? the wiki is wrong, in that case)

nah you good