New ao leaks

There is none :frcryin:


no ao leaks goddamnit i got excited ):

how am i ever going to get my needed dosage of ao now :frcryin:

I know how hard it is for testers to get AO content compared to other forumers :frpensive: but don’t worry full release is only 9ish months away


Fr bruh i feel for them testers :frpensive:

Bruh 9 month is an eternity

we’ve already waited almost 2 years its not hard to be patient, if you’re a new gen and you’re complaining about 9 months you weird

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Well early access is coming in about 6 months for 100 robux, and full release is coming in early-mid 2023 (my prediction)

Looking at the Trello you can see how many big features are planned for release and it’ll make sense why it’s taking so long

Im not a new gen, I played AA when it first released

Sheeet, i just got a hella nostagia now

It’ll be paid access for 100 robux in late 2022 though.

you even more weird for it now

Im just lazy and mega hyped ok? :frcryin:

Ao gon mess up my school bruh

is this the real life

is this just fanta sea

Caught in a land slide

No escape from reality

Here’s the real leek: Brand new AO Leek!


can we flag this guy?