New Arcane Reborn sneaks

A while back, Arcane Reborn started going through a remake. It no longer looks like AA, has changed featres and new mechanics, but keeps the base mechanics and combat.
here are the sneak peeks from today

V1.1Boats recorded with averill steals the show recorded with runescape recorded with more pirate ships fighting recorded with
Angel Sneak Peaks recorded with

Honestly, I don’t care what they do to the game, I just want the story to be canon and the customs/community items to be removed. however, vetex says that angel isn’t canon and they’re still building the fight.

To be fair, there’s nothing else beyond the 3rd Sea in terms of Story Content, and they only have the Webcomic to follow

ffs finally took long enough for something

why did they decide to do a remake now
why not wait for ao to come out then work on it while ao is getting all the popularity then release it when ppl get bored of it


because most roblox devs don’t understand the concept of marketing strategies

Funny, but what I really liked was that one White Eyes leak, it looked super neat

Ofc i’m not gonna go from AO to AR but that was at least a bit cool to see

you do realize if they started development right when ao releases it’ll take like a year for it to release and by then ao will probably have a lot of major updates added by then

does arcane reborn have mud magic

i dont know if i should try it

ui looks 2012 hella outdated but it looks nice

fuck medal tv

there was a poll on mud magic and it got voted out, no mud magic i think

I hope they make the game not terrible this time, I believe in them.

I kind of wish they kept the old AA style, but that’s hard to do and this looks super cool anyways.

im honestly a lot more interested in seeing arcane legacy’s approach to remaking aa
its not going horrible i think

I see they’re almost finally done with the second sea