New emoji suggestion (not ao suggestion dont kill me)


this could be a new emoji and the text for it could be :LFG:


no responses…

yes respones

now have this

the struggles of not being an artist or a quirky shitposter…

i feel you bro :triumph: :100:

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This emoji is not good
Broly is better

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Please site devs :pray:

when i said i wanted that as an emoji

Right here

i already lost it

ok before i leave i think its obvious but i am joking

I have multiple testers’ well wishes!

This must be a sign!

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Do I have to tag Headless for this to work?



HEY THATS MY PNG!!!‎!!!‎!!!‎!!!‎!!!

not anymore :smiling_imp:

you will be forced to a wear a maid costume in approximately 37 hrs 23 mins 3 sec 12 ms

good luck with that lmao