New Enemy for the Dark Seas: Draugr

New Enemy for the Dark Seas: Draugr
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The dark seas are currently lacking in enemy variety.
So far I’ve made suggestions that cover a general enemy type, forested islands, and sea encounters.
These would cover other island types, like deserts, volcanic islands, and otherwise barren islands.

Despite the name not being Greek in origin nor based on any Greek creature, we already have plenty of things in universe that are named after things found in Norse mythology.
(These are also heavily inspired by the depictions of Draugr in the God of War games since those conveniently perfectly fit the space I was trying to fill here and I couldn’t find anything else)

The Enemy:

Draugr are the result of when somebody lost within the dark seas find themselves stranded on an inhospitable barren island, where they eventually and inevitably succumb to the elements and begin to mutate, leaving nothing but a desiccated burning husk.

Draugr would naturally be far more likely to use heat magics or solid neutral magics like earth/metal/crystal/magma/explosion/fire/plasma/ash and so on.

Unique Abilities:

They would create a trail of burning hazards as they move and passively apply burning to any fighting style or weapon attack.
Unlike other dark sea enemies, they would be burrowed underground at/around their spawn points waiting to detect prey.
This burrowing ability could also be used as a unique movement tool that would enable them to quickly make or close distance to the player, including going up surfaces they normally wouldn’t be able to climb.
Upon death, after a short time, they would explode.
Being caught in a Draugr explosion would apply heavy burn and immediate damage but would also clear water poisoning.
They would slow down drastically when in the sea.


Draugr weaponry: Jagged obsidian weapons wreathed in perpetual flame, you know the deal.
(Weapons would apply various status effects like melting, scorched, and burning)
Draugr armor/mutations: Armor and accessories with the “Molten” modifier.
Burning Heart: Atlantean Essence equivalent item that applies “Molten” to any item it is applied to.
The “Molten” modifier increases stamina costs of all actions that require stamina ontop of passively increasing your temperature notably.
Boiled Blood: Creates high quality searing potions. (new potion type for steam’s status effect)
Charred Bone: Creates high quality ironskin potions.

Feedback is appreciated.

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Great idea can’t wait :fire:

Okay but… is Molten just a debuff?
You listed no upside of having it, just that it increases stamina costs and raises your temps permanently.

I don’t do balancing I’m terrible at that lol.
Of course it would have an upside, I just listed out my idea for what the penalty could be lol.

u should be able to remove it at one point like with water or smth,and make that having a “Drowned” item on the vanity slot on top of the armor (visible) would make effects a bit less affecting at the cost of drip,also is it me or your pfp is just shiver/blessing dungeon reward from cronigod fightin gaem

ok two things.
1: If you don’t want the penalty of using a negative modifier then don’t use an item with a negative modifier lol.
2: Gameplay affecting vanity is bad.

Aren’t Draugr warriors with too much resent and anger too pass onto to the afterlife and stay in the mortal plain to keep on fighting?

back at it again! you love to see it

A lot of idea overlap between this and the suggestion I made regarding stone men/etnans a while back. Glad we agree on the basic points regarding what’s cool

Of course, actually implementing new enemy types is always going to be a herculean task for the dev, but we wouldn’t make these kinds of suggestions if we thought vetex couldn’t do it!

yeah we def. need more enemy variety but what are the stats for the Draugrs? are they tanky like atlanteans or on the weaker side like sirens?

I love this Idea. More enemy variety is what I think should be in the Dark Sea. Just two enemy types is boring, even with Martin. Though I have something to ask, how would the burrowing ability work? Does it activate when the player is too far? Specifically, is there more detail of what makes Draugr to burrow and dig to you?

One thing that would trigger it is if you put them in a situation where they otherwise can’t attack you.
One of the most popular ways to get rid of powerful atlanteans is to just drop them off a cliff and be done with them, that wouldn’t work here.

As for it being used in combat, I see it more as like an innate spell like how sirens can fly.
Much like sirens changing positions, you might suddenly find that your target has vanished into the floor and a couple seconds later they reappear elsewhere fighting you as if nothing happened.

What the fuck is the point of this modifier except for debuffing?

Giving stats obviously, I already told somebody else this.
Do I really need to spell out that a negative modifier gives stats now?
I didn’t need to do that on the previous suggestions.

interesting idea, imo molten should give drawback / negative defense (surely wearing armor that’s on literally melting would hurt).

In a game where vanity can prevent limb loss, I don’t think that’s.a big concern

It is a concern because that shouldn’t be a problem in the first place.

I was thinking more along the lines of it overheating and exhausting you since one of my previous suggestions already adds a drawback type modifier.

fire is a chemical reaction, and plasma is plasma

I never said they were the same thing???

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