New Expedition Team System (Dark Sea)

New Expedition Team System (Dark Sea)
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The Main Course

So while thinking about the dark sea update, I came across a predicament. As the dark sea is supposed to be a very challenging place to explore solo, you’ll want to have companions along with you, HOWEVER. With there being an unload ship feature, what’s stopping the owner of a ship immediately murdering the people they brought along, and keeping all the loot to themselves? This is why I propose the new type of party, Expedition Team.

The Seasoning

As stated before, there’s no way of ensuring your loot doesn’t get taken by one person instead of shared evenly. This is why I propose the expedition team system. If you enter the dark sea with other players on your boat, in a party or otherwise, Your quartermaster will immediately prompt the Ship owner IN CHAT If they would like them to evenly divy up the loot if they make it back.
Edward Kenton: Captain, would you like me to divy up the plunder from this trip between our companions?
Enzior: Captain, would you like me to divide the resources gathered from our expedition between our fellow adventurers?
Along with you answering either yes or no on a ui that appears (WITH A DOUBLE PROMPT)
the npcs reply IN CHAT
Edward Kenton: Alright Captain, we will/won’t divy up the plunder with our team.
Enzior: Understood Captain, we will/won’t split the rewards with our team.

If answer is NO

If no is chosen, players on your ship will be warned that they won’t be receiving any loot and that they should leave.

If answer is YES

Automatically place the players on the ship into a party, leaving whatever ones the players are already in and create a party named “Dark Sea Expedition Team”, with friendly fire being permanently off until you leave the dark sea.

How do we divide the loot?

There are multiple ways to divide up the loot fairly, in MY Opinon, it should be divided evenly among the party regardless of contribution to the trip because lets be honest, using damage as the statistic for who gets the most loot only works in theory, as not all contributions are a number.

Upon Return

When the team returns from the dark sea and makes it to a shipwright and unloads, Each player will be shown a UI of ALL the loot earned from the trip, and when all chests have unloaded, they will be shown what their cut of the loot is. This allows for maximum transparency between teams, and all items get divided fairly.

Possible side dishes

You could also give the trip a rating based on how much loot was earned, similar to deepwoken’s echoes score.

the lack of trust in you guys’ friends is confusing but i like the suggestion anyway
although i really doubt thay could be added in time for the update, like most other dark sea suggestions

never trust anybody

Leaderboard players get snaked at munera all the time by people they thought were chill, what’s stopping casuals from doing the same

Idk, this suggestions feels unnecessary to me. It feels like you have a lot of distrust , and instead of just finding more trustworthy people, the game is having to intervene. Also, isn’t this a pirate game, about pirates, that do pirate things, like steal? I’m not trying to dog on you here, but please rework this suggestions a bit.

common sense

better safe then sorry no?

This is an unnecessary suggestion, I’m going to assume that you bring along strangers instead of people you know, which you shouldn’t do in the first place lol.

But this can be expanded on without the reason of this being that players are untrustworthy, maybe make it more like how Darkest Dungeon sort of work before going through various dungeons? Idk, that’s probably unnecessary too but considering that the Dark Sea and Darkest Dungeon have similar stuff e.g insanity increasing through each levels of dark sea and Darkest Dungeon stress level, It could have potential.

makes sense to me, we need this in the game.

We should instead add a more cruel system where if you kill your team members, the loot is a lot less valuable or something.

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