New Fighting style named (Harpooner style)

New Fighting style named (Harpooner style)
effort 4.8 5 quality 4.666666666666667 6 reasonability 3.666666666666667 6

I didn’t know that
I suppose its a given that every fighting style will have some kind of magic associated with them.

I honestly wouldn’t mind if crane was brought back as an alternative to basic, I wanna kick the life out of people but I don’t like the slowness of iron leg

We need a “Bill Wallace” style. He has the fastest kick in the world clocked in at 60miles per hour. I think that would be funny if it was added.

titanfall grapple moment

with this style nobody will doubt the existence of flying whales!

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Honestly, still not sold on the existence of flying whales

oh look a grappeling hook

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Technically speaking, throwing harpoons tied to chains with good precision and using and then use them to pull you like spider man require quite a lot of strenght

Throwing them isn’t the taxing part, it’s pulling yourself fast enough to the point that it’s a viable method of travel

Your crazy, sky whales are real unless you can prove that i’m crazy or delusional.

Ok does anyone know why my suggestion hasn’t been sent or linked on the discord channel? Am i doing something wrong or did i forget to do something? This confuses me because mine has more vote, view, and replies over some other ones that have appeared there.

That should happen 100% automatically the moment you post the suggestion.

Well it didn’t for me. Is there someone i can talk to so i can get it up there?

you don’t really need to worry, about 99.999% of the attention suggestions get are from here anyways lol.

everybody who is in vetcord that cares about suggestions either has a forum account, is making a forum account, or doesn’t know the forums exist.

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Ok thx

This is great.

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yall do know that even if every single person on the forum posts a positive reply and 5 stars in all categories, it’s all about weather vetex wants it or not

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