New Fighting style named (Harpooner style)

New Fighting style named (Harpooner style)
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Harpooner style.
(A fighting style)
Cannon ball fist has always been such a cool and unique fighting style. It’s like you are the cannon. The style allows damage to ship with its M1s. Now I thought to myself, “it would be funny if there was a fighting style for all the ship attachments”. Now of course if you made a net style or harpoon style that focused on killing sharks and whales how actually useful would it be? Well after much thought and brainstorming I believe this here to be a great blend of a style that can both serve well in combat in fishing or player fights. Now let us begin in the explanation on its uses, attacks, synergies, and obtainment.

Harpooner style is a fighting style that utilizes the use of well, Harpoons. These would be strapped to the user’s arms. M1’s would shoot out harpoons (A chain with a point pike at the end), their range is dictated by the users attack size.

If the attack Rushdown is used, instead of dashing to the direction in front of the player, 1 or 2 harpoons launch out grabbing and pulling the player to the destination hit. If the target hit was a player or npc, the player would be pulled (or teleported) to the target and begin the rushdown attack(s). If the target was however terrain, the player would be pulled to the terrain until the player reaches it(this attack cannot break terrain or buildings). This can be canceled by using another ability (Anything the stops the players movement), stuns, the terrain being destroyed, or dodge reflex.

(Insert Scorpion get over here quote)

This style has great movement options and a great neutral in fights.
All attacks apply bleeding on hit if the damage dealt was 5% of the targets HP.
Fighting style damage: x0.775 - x0.969(with bleed). 4x if a sea monster, whale or shark.
Fighting style speed: x1.3
Fighting style size: x0.75
Fighting style attitudes: bleed for 5 secs – unique rushdown.

Crash: lung towards the target dealing damage in a small area.
Smash: slam down dealing damage in a small area on the ground.
Shockwave: Shoot out coils of stringed metal that can deal damage.
Rushdown: Shoot out 1 or 2 harpoons that can hook on to players, npcs, and terrain that pulls your towards them then hit them with one or many attacks. (if terrain you will begin climbing).
Shot: Shoot out harpoon(s) dealing damage at a medium range.
Focus: channel your inner fisherman to gain a boost in stats.
Airstep: Leap into the air using your willpower and strength.


Deals 10% more to crystalized or sandy targets.
Dealing 5% of the targets max HP applies bleeding for 5 seconds.

Cause all grab attacks to launch out harpoons which can grab enemy’s or pull you towards terrain.
It also gives effects a dark grey color.


Note only arm synonyms can be used since you don’t use your legs.

Requires a strength level of 100 and cost 300 gallons.
Can be found at Cirrus Island near the skyship port. There lies a man named Greg Parker who will give the quest Harpoon style training.

Quest info

Taking to the trainer you get this dialog.
“what do you want come to mock me too?”
Options: “mock you?” Or “I’m looking for fighting style mentors.”
Option 1 picked: “THEY ALL SAY I’m CRAZY, but I’ll prove to them that em sky whales are real!”.
Options: “oh ok bye…” or “sky whales?”
If option 1 picked you leave. Option 2 continues dialog. “Have you not seen em? WHALES in the sky! I first saw em when I was out whale hunting I begun attacking that whale. BUT! He rose out of the water and then into the clouds. The people at Palo Town thought I was crazy or drunk, BUT I KNOW WHAT I SAW! So I came here to hunt for him and prove my story. Since air ships aren’t meant for having harpoons, I JUST STRAPED THEM TO ME ARMS! Makes travelen along islands easy too! Anyways nothen gonna stopping me from finding those skywhales, do you believe me?”
Options: “no sorry”, “yes”, “I’ve seen them myself”
**If no sorry is picked you get: “**Then scurry off I ain’t got time for you then!”
**If Yes is picked you get: “**At least some people here don’t think I’m crazy. Tell me if you see any sky whales.”
If I’ve seen them is picked you get: “YOU HAVE?!? I knew I wasn’t crazy! That’s means they’re real! Where did you see them Lad!?”
**you can only pick: “**I don’t remember….”
**His response: “**That’s a shame at least I got me confirmation, time to go hunt!”

If option 2 was picked at the beginning: “Fighting style mentor? I mean ya I do use some sort of style with me harpoons when fighting, but that’s more for when I see those sky whales!”
**Options: “**Sky whales?” (a reference to whales and other sea creatures floating or flying in the air. If you know you know.) or “can you teach me?”
If option 1 is pick start the same dialog above:
If option 2 is picked you get: “If ya prove me you can handle a harpoon on skilling 3 whales down bellow or above then I be happy to teach ya youngling.

Then quest appears: Giving 4,603 XP and 31 galleons when completed.

**After Option 1 same dialog appears and continues from above until the end after “**That’s a shame at least I got me confirmation, time to go hunt!”
**You can select “**Bye” or “Can you teach me how to use harpoons in combat?”
Selecting bye makes you leave:
Selecting the 2nd options makes dialog “If ya prove me you can handle a harpoon on killing 3 whales down below or above then I be happy to teach ya youngling.” Appear and quest appear afterwards.

When quest appears: It gives 4,603 XP and 31 galleons when completed.

When returning after quest completed: “Oh ya actually went and hunted down some whales, you listen better then MY kids. Well I ain’t got all day let’s start, I got sky whale huntin later today!”
Options: “Ok.” or “actually maybe later.”
Ok makes menu pop up allowing you to learn style is requirements are met.
If other option is picked you leave.

Relapse: Harpoon style focuses more on movement and precision. It has great uses for climbing or keeping a strong neutral in fights. It has some weaknesses though. For one it has miserable attack size. It is also not very synergistic, it is a more neutral focus style that can work with almost all magics and weapons. There are many things you can do like light magic for speed, warlord with weapon grabs, fire or poison for spamming neutral DOT, or even use it as a secondary with berserker.

This style has great strength in neutral and movement; however, has problems with landing attacks if you’re not good at aiming or enemy is very fast, and a lack of crazy good synergies. I feel like this could be the strongest of all the ship weapons attachments that would work as a fighting style and if implemented would serve to be a fun to use style that can help with traversing terrain or for movement in combat.

I would like to hear some of your ideas and critiques on how this might be changed or fixed if needed, and don’t forget that those sky whales can’t hide forever.


dont seem like you are using much strength at all compared to straight up throwing cannonballs… but come on its too cool to pass


arm harpoons feels a lot more like it would be suited as a strength weapon personally… since these are supposedly strapped to your arms and aren’t thrown using brute force like cfist.

though this could also work as a warrior weapon too since I don’t assume harpoons are very heavy (unless they are idk)


honestly the more I think about this I don’t understand how this wasn’t a thing before cannon fist, I mean cmon, throwing pointy sticks with attached ropes has been a thing as long as sailing has been a thing.

hear me out: this could have a crystalized esque effect where if you lodge enough harpoons into your enemy, you’ll rip them out to cause a strong bleed effect.
not to mention every game is made better with a grappling hook.

I could also see this having some nice passive effects outside of PvP combat
IE: dealing bonus damage to sea creatures and getting full loot rewards and better climbing.


ok hear me out:
strength musket = a whole cannon ripped off a ship
strength multi pistols = a pair of harpoon guns also ripped off a ship


… wait a minute, this sounds familiar…

Something about strength-based throwing weapons. A suggestion that got absolutely bombed…

Nah, idk man. To my knowledge this doesn’t resemble any prior suggestion.

You should learn about rushdown etc etc b4 making ranged fs suggestions

well see theres a difference between “its cannonfist but you throw javelins” and “you are a fucking cyborg with harpoon guns go have fun”

there’s a difference between “give berserkers a bow equivalent that scales on strength” and “here’s a new fighting style centered around harpoons”


This is well thought out, great job!

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I need this style to satiate my desire for a grappling-based fighting style in AO (No, karate doesn’t count)


truth be told, when you look at all the other fighting styles, karate sounds unbelievably lame lol.

like you have punching people with the power of the sea.
slapping people so badly it sets them on fire.
turning your legs into actual weapons.
being a cannon.
punch with glove.

I didn’t even know about this style existence until 3min ago lol. I do ; however, feel like their different. This style isn’t focused on ranged attacks but on movement plus, the other one seemed to be just spear throw attack but on steroids.

The styles only gimmick is that it buffs grab damage, and the martial art it references doesn’t even primarily use grappling


As someone with a 2nd Dan black belt in karate, I can say that i do look forward to Karate fighting style.

fair enough but I don’t see how it’ll compare in raw cool factor to everything that isn’t base combat or boxing lol.
(the most important part, obviously)

Basic at the very least has an excuse for being rather simple, but boxing and karate seem rather lame when you compare them to stuff like knocking fist or iron leg

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yea its basic, its literally in the name lol.

consider iron leg was initially just basic combat but you kick and it might have a longer range
twas called crane