New Forum Admin

Hello everyone! I wanted to go ahead and make this post really quick to announce a new Admin for the forum. This user has been given Admin due to his overwhelming trust and dedication to the forum.

Please help me congratulate @LittleShrekSheep


gg @LittleShrekSheep
make more AA webcomics :nod:


Another one joins the club, congrats.

Nice!!! Congrats @LittleShrekSheep

it’s all going according to plan


bro your role color matches your pfp
you’re getting close

pogging poggers

mild concern

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Congrats now you have to deal with the hordes of suggestions in #game-discussion

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so basically keep doing the same thing i’ve been doing

Do you like spaghettios


ultra poggers

Congrats! (yeah you know the drill)

Also i just noticed your profile picture headless, cute doggo.

goot job littleshreksheep

calp clapalpc lapc lclap clap

Congrats! :partying_face:

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Finally, Mr. Popper Eyes got the rank, god have mercy on us

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rip this post