New Forum Leaders

Hello users,

I am pleased to announce that the first non-staff forum leaders have been chosen and promoted to @trust_level_4.

These two users have demonstrated dedication and excellence on the forum, shown to be prime examples and models for our forum community due to their exceptional contributions. They will take care of the forum while staff are offline and are your go-to for when you need help with the forum.

Please give a warm welcome to @liu and @NoBanana! :tada:




Poggers pog pog

congrats… new mods O_O

Congrats guys.
Please don’t oppose us

official forum presidents

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What does it grant already?

Congratulations, Forum Leaders.

ability to ban people? idk

They basically get all the organization permissions that mods get, such as moving posts, pinning topics, stuff like that. Moderators that cannot delete or carry out moderation action basically.

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ultimate poggers moment
congrats @liu and @NoBanana



bragging rights

Congrats :clap:

Now be ready to get pinged constantly throguhout the day by people asking for regular stats and to close topics.

Pogging new forum leaders

hey thats pretty neat

It’s still wild to me that I was chosen. Hope I don’t power trip or anything (feel free to call me out tho)

Wait, due to your artist role, does this mean you are now the same as LittleShrekSheep?

Not really